really interesting work by Carlito Carvalhosa

Carlito Carvalhosa- Sum of Days

Just as Virilio found the logistics of military perception within the history of cinema, especially the emergence of cybernetics in the postwar period, we can locate, updating an ancient history of acoustic warfare, an undercurrent of research into sonic tactics guiding a symbiosis of noise, bodies, and machines. across the continuum of war, from sonar to nonlethal acoustic weaponry, this logistics of perception in its vibratory, resonant, affective, and virtual sonic dimension is now assuming new permutations in cultures mutated by the impact of global terrorism and asymmetric warfare.

Sonic Warfare, Sound Effect, and the Ecology of Fear by Steve Goodman(aka Kode9)

Performed in the Castle Vault in Southampton, England by Lucy and Stuart Bannister as part of Bang the Bore IX: Resonance and Psychogeography. Recorded by Simon Reynell.

Hooykaas / Stansfield
Day for Night IV (2004)
audio / video installation

Madelon Hooykaas talking about her work and her collaborations with Elsa Stansfield.

Gregor Schneider